Scientists of KemSU have developed and validated a test system to determine the threshold of human sensitivity to odors

20.06.2023 | 10:49

The project "Development of technology for rehabilitation of patients with olfactory dysfunction and study of the contribution of olfactory sensitivity to physical and psycho-emotional health" by scientists of the Department of Genetics and Fundamental Medicine of the Institute of Biology, Ecology and Natural Resources is supported by a grant within the Priority 2030 programme. In addition to developing a test system to determine the threshold of sensitivity, it involves the identification of odors.

The authors of the project examined patients with chronic rhinosinusitis aged from 22 to 55 who had undergone surgical treatment in the otorhinolaryngology department of Kuzbass Regional Clinical Hospital and conditionally healthy subjects of various age groups at Kemerovo State University. Today, the project team is researching an odorant which will help people with allergic diseases to reduce this reaction and increase immune protection.