Student clubs

Student life is not limited to lectures, seminars, tests and exams, it is a time for the formation of personality, time of creativity, time of discovery of new talents and new opportunities.

The Student Council of students of KemSU is a body of student self-government, a platform for the implementation of the activities of all student organizations and associations of the University. The Council can provide common ground for youth student associations and organizations pursuing socially significant and socially useful goals. The Council is a team of active students who want to develop their vital soft skills. The active members of the Council plan and hold events and projects, participate in many major events of the city, region, country, meet interesting people, and make their student life interesting and bright.

The Student Club of KemSU, established as early as in 1974, strives to support talented students. The Student club organizes mass non-professional artistic festivals “First snow” and “Student spring at KemSU”, it organizes summer and winter schools for students to improve their skills in singing, dancing, composing, acting, and video operating. The most talented students who are ready to devote their time to developing their artistic skills can later represent KemSU at the “Student spring in Kuzbass” and “Russian Student spring” festivals.

The artistic studios of KemSU include:

  • Theatre-Studio “Vstrecha”
  • Studio of modern choreography “VNE focusa”
  • Vocal and instrumental studio “Vne vremeni”
  • The KVN League of KemSU
  • The Academic choir of KemSU
  • Dance and acrobatic studio “V nevesomosti”
  • Photo Club “Monochrome”
  • Street dance studio “Denza”