Social support, adaptation and safety

KemSU students and staff do their best to help international students get acquainted with Russia and Siberia, to master the Russian language, to learn more about Russian history and culture and to succeed in their studies. In summer, the Summer School is held for the international applicants to adapt to studies and to get acquainted before the beginning of the school year.

KemSU’s Centre for Intercultural Communications was created to facilitate the adaptation of international students at the university.

During the academic year, KemSU Open festival is held at Kemerovo State University to celebrate the International day of Student Sport. Every spring the festival “Multinational Kuzbass” is held at KemSU, where students from different countries perform traditional dances and songs and recite poems in their native languages. These events are aimed at maintaining and developing the intercultural dialogue among students of different nationalities.

Tutors help foreign students with preparing the necessary documents for registration, as well as in everyday matters. The Centre for Intercultural Communications also serves as a platform for the implementation of ideas and projects of students of different nationalities, aimed at preserving and promoting cultural traditions, and teaching respect for each other. Thus, in November 2019, the contest “Dishes of national cuisines” brought together students from Zambia, China, Korea and Afghanistan at KemSU.

These events are organisted by the Centre for Intercultural Communications - a