Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

Буданова Елена Александровна
Elena A. Budanova


73A Sovetskiy pr.,building 6, floor1
+7 (3842) 58-23-56


About the faculty

The Faculty of Physical Education and Sports consists of more than 300 students, 40 academic staff members (candidates of science, associate professors); masters of sports, and honored workers of physical education and sports.

The educational and sports facilitiesincludethree modern gyms,a chess club, a water tourism club a shooting range, a ski centre,an outdoor volleyball court, a swimming pool, a track and field arena.

Students are particularly interested in educational practices in the form of hiking trips and at the Podyakovorecreation center, located 35 km from the city.

The faculty has a unique laboratory of biomedical problems in the field of physical sports, which conducts morphofunctional and psychophysiological testing of students and leading sportsmen of Kuzbass.

In the computer class of the faculty, students have access to the Internet, as well aseducational and methodological materials.Theycan do course projects,individualand qualification work.

Teachers use modern information technologies, active and interactive forms of education..

At the faculty, there is a Methodological Centrewhich contains the necessary scientific, methodological and educational literature for students.

The Faculty of Physical Education and Sports is famous not only for sports. Students of the faculty have achieved high results in creative, scientific and educational activities. They have often received Governor's Scholarships, University Rector's Scholarships, University Academic Council and Faculty Academic Council scholarships, as well as increased state academic scholarships.

Students of the faculty have often become winnersat Student Spring Talent Shows of the all-Russian and regional level. The faculty has student creative teams “Klava” and “Kurazh”, and a cheerleading group “Indigo”.

Klavaperforms in the clownage genre. No event at the university is held without Kurazh with itsenergetic, technically unique dances and acrobatic performances.

Students of our faculty regularly take part in students festivals among Siberian universities, taking prizes in various types of programs.

The high level of scientific activity of students is confirmed by numerous victories at conferences of interregional, all-Russian scale, participation in conferences and symposiums of the international level. In 2014, the Student Scientific Society was foundedat the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports.