Museum "Archeology, Ethnography and Ecology of Siberia"

Today the museum is a big University unit with a library, photography collection, archive, restoration and taxidermy workshops, repositories, lecture-rooms. The museum repositories numbers more than 130 000 units. Besides South Siberia archaeology and ethnography materials, there are copies of petroglyphes from Altay, Khakassia, Tuva, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, osteological, paleontological, zoological, entomological and ornithological collections.

The museum exposition consists of two big departments: archaeology and ethnography of South Siberia; nature and ecology of Siberia. The travel in time starts from the Stone Age and goes through all following history periods. The wonderful world of an ancient man is opening in the materials collected during the researches of workers of the Chair of Archaeology of Kemerovo State University. The second department presents a panorama of natural zones of Kuzbass, Siberia, Far East, Kazakhstan, Central Asia. All materials are presented in dioramas, show-cases and bio-groups.

Students, post-graduate students, scientists and leading specialists of the whole world can work with the collections of the museum. The museum repositories and expositions are used for special and practical courses of prehistory, ethnography, museum management studies and ecology.