Institute of Medicine

Mozes Vadim
MD, Professor


Address: Krasnaya street, 6, building #1
Phone: +7 (3842) 58-35-27

Educational programs

    Specialist’s program
  • 31.05.01 Medicine

About the Institute

In December 2021, Kemerovo State University obtained a license for the right to conduct educational activities by the specialty "Medicine". The structure of the Institute includes a laboratory of physical and chemical research of pharmacologically active and natural compounds opened in January 2022. It is equipped with modern high-precision scientific equipment from the world's leading manufacturers. The laboratory's activity is aimed at a comprehensive study of substances of plant origin, its biological activity and the creation of new types of medicines.

The Institute of Medicine is equipped with classrooms for simulation training and phantom techniques of education. A wide range of educational opportunities with the use of full-body mannequins, medical and virtual anatomy simulators will ensure the training of highly qualified healthcare specialists.