Laboratories and research centres

  • Clinical Center for Biodiversity Conservation
  • Kuzbass Laboratory of Archaeology and Ethnography
  • Laboratory of Hermeneutics
  • Laboratory of Complex Health Issues and Personality development
  • Laboratory for Ensuring the educational process
  • Laboratory of Applied Research and Development
  • Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Energetic and Luminescent Materials
  • Laboratory of Cytogenetics
  • Laboratory of Ethnosocial and Ethnoecological Geoinformatics
  • Laboratory of Human Ethology
  • Research Institute of Biotechnology
  • Scientific and Educational Center "Refrigeration and Cryogenic Equipment and Technologies"
  • Scientific and Educational Center
  • Scientific and Educational Laboratory of Sociological Research
  • Educational and Practical Laboratory of Social and Psychological Assistance
  • Laboratory of Folklore Studies
  • Center for Collective Use of Scientific Equipment
  • Center for Maintenance of Scientific Research.