Practical information

Additional information for students

Who can help?

The University has a tutorial system: each institute has a tutor who provides the necessary support to students both in educational activities and in other aspects of university life. Russian students become the volunteers for tutoring.

Medical insurance

All international students are required to obtain medical insurance coverage for the duration of their stay at the University. Students can take out the medical insurance in their home country (bring it to Russia) or in Russia. Our tutors will help you to handle all the necessary documents.


KemSU is equipped with an advanced security system and video surveillance. The University has an electronic hall pass system. You need to put your pass card to the special display on the turnstile in order to pass through it. There is a security guard post at the entrance to the building and to the student residence. It is a safe place to live and study.

Information on the getting the scholarships to study in Russia

You can find all the necessary information on the website Russia. Study.