Institute of Economics and Management

Курбатова Маргарита Владимировна
Director of the Institute
Margarita V. Kurbatova
Dr. Sc. (Economics), Professor


47 Stroiteley blvd, building 7, room 213, Kemerovo
+7 (3842) 73-40-40,



Educational programs

    Bachelor’s programs
  • 38.03.01 Economics
    Specialization: Economics
  • 38.03.02 Management
    Specialization: Organization Management
  • 38.03.04 State and Municipal Administration
    Specialization: Regional and Local Governance
  • 38.03.06 Business
    Specialization: Commerce
    Specialist’s programs
  • 38.05.01 Economic Security
    Specialization: Economic and Legal Support of Economic Security
    Master’s programs
  • 38.04.01 Economics
    - Financial Economics
    - Business Economics
    - Real Estate and Territory Development
    - Economics, Accounting and Analysis
  • 38.04.02 Management
    - Project Management
    - Marketing Communications and Advertising
  • 38.04.04 State and Municipal Administration
    Specialization: The System of State and Municipal Administration

About the Institute

The Institute of Economics and Management is one of the leading institutes of Kemerovo State University. This Institute makes a great contribution to both the educational and research activity of the university.

Our graduates successfully work in leading companies and organizations. They work in the following spheres: public administration, banking and insurance, tax authorities, marketing, advertising and PR. They start up their own businesses or do research.

The history of the Institute

The history of the Institute began in 1974 when 50 applicants were admitted to the Faculty of Economics and Law to study Planning of the National Economy

The first department of Labor Economics was opened in 1976.

In 1978, the Faculty of Economics and Law was divided into two independent faculties – the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Law. The Faculty of Economics was headed by Konstantin N. Zemlyansky, Cand. Sc. (Economics).

In 1981–2005, the Faculty was headed by Ilya P. Povarich, Dr. Sc. (Economics); in 2005–2011, by Valentina I. Buvaltseva, Dr. Sc. (Economics); in 2011–2016, by Elena A. Morozova, Dr. Sc. (Economics).

In 2016, the Faculty of Economics was transformed into the Institute of Economics and Management. Its director was Anna V. Starikova, Cand. Sc. (Economics)

Since 2017, the Institute has been headed by Margarita V. Kurbatova, Dr. Sc. (Economics).

Since 2006, the Institute has opened two bachelor’s degree programs, “Economics” and “Management”.

In 2009, the Institute started to train master students.

The Institute of Economics and Management boasts a large number of experienced practitioners involved in the educational process. We also keep in touch with representatives of prospective employers. This allows us to strengthen the practical orientation of training.