Department of international cooperation

Zhelonkina Elena
Zhelonkina Elena
Krasnaya street, 6, building #1, office 1224


Address: Krasnaya street, 6, office 1225
Phone: +7 3842 585323

Project manager: Suschevskaya Victoria

Leading Specialist: Guslina Ksenia

Specialist: Novikova Ksenia

International cooperation of Kemerovo State University is an open platform for interaction with foreign countries, expanding international relations and intercultural communication.

International space of the university is focused on attracting new potential partners, building an international scientific and educational dialogue, as well as the promotion of Russian education in accordance with current trends in internationalization.

The main goal of the department is to develop and implement measures to improve the international competitiveness of the university, its positioning in the international educational market as one of the leading centers of education, culture, science and innovation.

    The main tasks and activities:
  • Creating conditions for the effective integration of the university into the global scientific, educational and innovative community;
  • Development of the international cooperation strategy, creation of the legal and informational field for the university international activity.
  • Development of the university education exports;
  • Internationalization of higher and additional education programs, research projects, as well as students and faculty of KemSU;
  • Establishment of partnerships with foreign scientific and educational organizations and assistance to university departments in the development of contacts on the main areas of the international activity;
  • Preparation and implementation of programs, agreements, memorandums and other documents in the field of KemSU international cooperation;
  • Creating a platform for network cooperation through KemSU participation in associations, consortiums of universities and specialized associations;
  • Development of cooperation with diplomatic representations of foreign countries, both in the Russian Federation and abroad;
  • Expanding the university's interaction with international recruiting agencies and foreign educational organizations that help attract foreign applicants to KemSU;
  • Strengthening the positive international image of the university in accordance with the developed positioning concept including in the information and communication environment;
  • Participation in international educational exhibitions, fairs, conferences, roundtables in order to increase the university's attractiveness and recruit the international students;
  • The use of electronic internationalization tools for comprehensive student information (official university website, social networks and mobile applications);
  • Increase the number of competitive and attractive educational programs for foreign students implemented in Russian, English and other languages;
  • Ensuring the implementation of basic educational programs in the form online and/or hybrid learning;
  • Expansion of international academic mobility programs for students and staff, including virtual mobility;