Institute of Technologies

Бородулин Дмитрий Михайлович
Dmitry M. Borodulin
Dr. Sc. (Engineering)
47 blvd Stroiteley, room 7329, building 7, Kemerovo


Intramural education:
47 blvd Stroiteley, room 7333, building 7, Kemerovo
+7 (3842) 39-68-80

Extramural education:
47 blvd Stroiteley, room 7331, building 7, Kemerovo
+7 (3842) 39-65-05


Educational programs

    Bachelor’s programs
  • 11.03.03 Electronics Design and Technology
  • 15.03.02 Technological Machinery and Equipment
    Specialization: Food Processing Machinery and Apparatuses
  • 15.03.04 Process and Production Automation
    Specialization: Process and Production Automation (by industry)
  • 16.03.03 Refrigeration, Cryogenics and Life Support Systems
  • 20.03.01 Technosphere Safety
    Specialization: Process and Production Safety
  • 27.03.02 Quality Management
    Specialization: Quality management in production systems (by application area)
  • 29.03.03 Printing and Packaging Technology
    Specialization: Packaging Technology and Design
  • 54.03.01 Design
    Specialist’s program
  • 20.05.01 Fire Safety
    Master’s programs
  • 15.04.02 Production Machinery and Equipment
    Mechatronics and Robotics
    Engineering, Marketing and Information Support for Process Systems, Machines and Equipment
    Climate Control and Refrigeration Systems
  • 27.04.02 Quality Management
    Specialization: Product and Service Quality Management

About the Institute

The Institute of Engineering Technologies dates back to 1972.

Industrial production equipment is constantly improving and becoming more complex. Technological processes, technical preparation, and the correct maintenance of equipment directly affect the level of quality of the end-products, consumer satisfaction and health. The in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the Institute’s graduates are often used in high-tech industries: the chemical industry, mechanical engineering, automotive industry, food industry, etc.

In 2007, the Institute opened the Fire Safety program.

The Institute’s staff have extensive teaching experience and scientific potential. More than 70 percent of the teaching staff have doctoral and postdoctoral degrees.

    Among the Institute’s research areas, of particular practical relevance are:
  1. development of high-tech powder mixers;
  2. creation of algorithms, software, and microprocessor-based automatic devices;
  3. process optimization in refrigeration systems;
  4. testing rotary atomizers for heterogeneous gas-liquid systems.

The Institute has advanced facilities. It is increasingly using computer graphics using design software packages. The efficiency of the learning process is also achieved through the use of a variety of training and production equipment in the laboratories and workshops.