Pedagogical Education (Physical Education and Sports)

Pedagogical Education

Physical Education and Sports

Form of study
intramural / extramural
Program duration:
2 years / 2.5 years
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Students acquire expanded and detailed knowledge of physical education and sports. The program focuses on vocational and specialized training, as well as on the design of curriculums and academic programs in the field of physical education and sports.

    Our medical and biological laboratories make it possible to:
  • develop the most effective methods and training programs for athletes;
  • perform functional testing in high-performance sports;
  • provide scientific support for teams and athletes;
  • monitor health indicators and functional capabilities;
  • carry out applied research and design in the field of physical education and sports.

We do contract-based research in medical and biological functional testing of athletes.

Careers and opportunities: education and science at various physical culture and sports organizations, e.g. primary, basic and secondary education, vocational training, additional education, research labs, etc.