Technosphere Safety

Technosphere Safety

Safety of Technological Processes and Production

Form of training:
intramural / extramural
Program duration:
4 years / 5 years
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The noble mission of experts in Health and Safety Specialist is to provide global safety. They protect the environment from the man-induced impact, monitor emissions, calculate their permissible norms and limits, etc. They are responsible for the safety of mankind in the modern technological world in such spheres as labor security, fire safety, radiation safety, etc.

Currently, any state pays special attention to labor protection issues, which increases the demand for safety experts. As a result, our graduates experience no problems with employment.

Our students learn assessment procedures and methods of dealing with various hazards in accordance with the Constitution, labor legislation, and state standards of the Russian Federation.

    Careers and opportunities:
  • project work in safety and protection;
  • first aid;
  • development of safety instructions;
  • development of regulatory and legal documentation on safety management;
  • safety expertise.