Mathematics and Computer Science

Institute of Fundamental Sciences

Mathematics and Computer Science

Form of study
Program duration:
4 years
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    Our Bachelors can work in the following spheres:
  • research in mathematics and computer science;
  • teaching mathematics and computer science;
  • various practical applications of fundamental knowledge in the field of mathematical, computer, and natural sciences;
  • development and implementation of new computer models in modern natural science, technology, economics, and management;
  • complex 1C programming;
  • creating 3D models, compression methods, etc.
    Our students program and organize educational process in the system of basic, secondary, vocational, and additional education:
  • design mathematical and algorithmic models, programs, software systems, and complexes;
  • develop methods and implement mathematical and algorithmic models, programs, software systems, and complexes;
  • develop new modes of production, maintenance, exploitation, and management in various fields, including interdisciplinary ones;
  • debug simulation models of complex management processes and software facilities;
  • control computing and information processes in the digital economy.


core subjects: Mathematical analysis, Algebra, Analytical geometry, Differential equations, Probability theory and mathematical statistics, Means of integration and data exchange, 1C complex programming, etc.;

variable disciplines: Methods of information compression, Distributed information systems, Mobile applications, Scientific foundations of the school mathematics course, Methods of teaching mathematics, 3D modeling, Mathematical economics, Cryptographic methods of information protection, Fractal geometry and others.

Careers and opportunities:

  • teacher, specialist in the field of mathematics and computer science in basic, secondary, vocational, and additional education;
  • specialist in 1C and Python complex programming;
  • specialist in the development and maintenance of websites;
  • specialist in the field of data gathering and processing;
  • specialist in the field of e-learning;
  • specialist in information compression methods;
  • 3D designer;
  • specialist in corporate information technology management and information maintenance of corporate information systems.