Automation of Technological Processes and Production

Automation of Technological Processes and Production

Automation of Technological Processes and Production

Form of study:
intramural / extramural
Program duration:
4 / 5 years
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Production automation is the basis for the development of modern industry. Automation improves the efficiency and safety of work, as well as the quality of products.

Our students learn how to work in the field of automation, informatization, and management of technical systems in all areas of production process. They can hold the following positions: engineer for automated production management systems, engineer for automation of production processes, design engineer, metrology engineer, etc.

    Students acquire professional skills that enable them to work with automated systems in the following spheres:
  • control of technological process in various industries;
  • information and control;
  • data receipt, processing, and transmission;
  • design of various systems, objects, devices;
  • production and technological processes of product manufacturing, life cycle and quality management, control, diagnostics, and testing;
  • complex testing of parts, products, hubs, and devices in various industries;
  • technological automation equipment, its design, manufacturing, and exploitation.

Our graduates specialize in the development and exploitation of automated production systems, as well as methods of analysis, forecasting, and management of technological processes, technical systems, and high-tech research facilities. They are able to design hardware and software complexes, select automation facilities, implement modern methods for creating automated control systems.

    As for research, our graduates are prepared to work in the following spheres:
  • design of automated control systems for technological processes and cybernetic systems in the state space;
  • computer vision technology;
  • development of SCADA-based automated control system software;
  • artificial intelligence methods of automation;
  • modernization of automated process control systems based on modern microprocessor devices.