Institute of History and International Relations

Советова Ольга Сергеевна
Olga S. Sovetova
Dr. Sc. (History)


73 pr. Sovetsky, room 2413, building 2,
+7 (3842) 58-33-97


Educational programs

    Bachelor’s programs
  • 43.03.01 Service

    Specialization: Services in Tourism and Hospitality

  • 41.03.01 Foreign Regional Studies

    Specialization: Eurasian Studies: Russia and Bordering Regions

  • 41.03.04 Political Studies

    Specialization: Public Policy and Governance

  • 41.03.05 International Relations

    Specialization: World Politics and International Business

  • 43.03.02 Tourism

    Specialization: Tourist Activities

  • 46.03.01 History

    Specialization: World History

    Master’s programs
  • 41.04.04 Political Studies

    Specialization: Political Processes and Institutions

  • 41.04.05 International Relations

    Specialization: World Politics and International Interaction at the Regional Level

  • 43.04.02 Hospitality Management

    Specialization: Regional Tourism (Staffing and Organisation of Tourism Activities)

  • 46.03.01 History

    Specialization: Eurasian Historical and Cultural Heritage

About the Institute

1953: the teaching of historians started at the History and Philology Department at Kemerovo State Pedagogical Institute.

1956: first archaeological expeditions organized by the Faculty.

1962: a postgraduate history course was opened at the Faculty.

1963: the History Faculty founded at Kemerovo State University.

1999: the Faculty was renamed the Faculty of History and International Relations, following the opening of a new program “International Relations”.

2005: the Department of Foreign Languages founded at the Faculty to run an additional qualification program “Translator in Professional Communication”.

2010: the Bachelor’s program “Documentation and Archival Science” opened at the Faculty.

2009: the Master’s program “Archaeology of Eurasia” opened at the Faculty.

2011: the Master’s programs “Political and Socio-Cultural History of Modern Europe”, “History of Siberia” and “Tourism” opened at the Faculty.

2013: the a Bachelor’s program “Foreign Regional Studies” opened at the Faculty.

2016: the Master’s program “Political Science” opened at the Faculty.

2014-2017: the Public and Municipal Administration program started and the Faculty was renamed the Institute of History, Public Administration and International Relations.

2017: the Institute was renamed the Institute of History and International Relations.

2018: the Master’s program “International Relations” opened at the Institute.

2018-2019: the Master’s program “Eurasian Historical and Cultural Heritage” opened at the Institute.

2019: the Siberian School of Tourism and Hospitality was founded at the Institute to run the Service program.