Veterinary medicine

Specialist’s Degree program "Veterinary medicine"

Institute of Biology, Ecology and Natural Resources

Mode of study:
full-time / part-time
Duration of the program:
5 years / 6 years
Qualification and professional status:
Veterinary Doctor

    The professional skills and functions of the veterinary doctor include:
  • conducting clinical examinations of animals to make the diagnosis;
  • treating sick animals;
  • organising measures for non-contagious, infectious and parasitic animal disease prevetion to ensure sustainable animal health.

The curriculum of the program includes courses in the field of natural science and special disciplines as well as workshops in clinical and university laboratories. Some of the major courses are: Biology, Cytology and Embryology, Anatomy, Physiology and Ethology of Animals, Veterinary Microbiology and Mycology, Zoohygiene, Veterinary Genetics, Zoopsychology, Instrumental Diagnostic Methods, specialized subjects in diagnosing and treating various diseases, etc.

    Graduates can develop their career at:
  • preventive and diagnostic institutions (animal disease control stations, veterinary clinics, laboratories, veterinary pharmacies);
  • enterprises processing animal products;
  • food markets, catering companies;
  • animal farms and breeding farms;
  • customs;
  • zoos, circuses;
  • regional authority bodies supervising animal control: directorates, veterinary departments, etc.;
  • veterinary research stations.
    The Veterinary Centre of Kemerovo State University is equipped with:
  • a modern biochemical laboratory, which allows running general and detailed biochemical blood tests in 15 minutes, determining hormonal status, diagnosing urine, feces and infectious diseases;
  • an X-ray and an ultrasound machine with the digital equipment for diagnosing diseases;
  • a sterile operating theatre with modern equipment where all the rules of aseptics and antiseptics are observed;
  • a veterinary drugstore.

A conference room with modern multimedia equipment is available for lectures and seminars.

For more information about the program, entrance exams and enrollment procedure please send an email to: