Teacher education (Specialized and vocational education)

Institute of Education

44.04.01 Teacher education
Specialized and vocational education

Form of study:
full-time, part-time
2 years, 2.5 years
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Graduates work in the institutes of general and vocational education. Highly-qualified academic staff provide the learning process. The program takes into account the requirements of the regional labor market, the state and prospects for the development of education in the region. The Department of Education and Science of the Kemerovo Region is our partner.

Teacher training practice is organized in leading educational institutions. We employ modern methods and technologies and adopt individual, differentiated and personality and activity approaches. The program aims at developing professional skills for specialized and vocational education, at mastering the students’ skills in planning, organization, testing and assessment. Our graduates have the skills to use innovative methods that reduce risks in education. They follow all the regulatory frameworks, ethical norms and professional standards in their career. They are ready to organize and carry out pedagogical support to students, their parents, teachers and administration.

    Research is done within "General and university pedagogy" scientific school:
  • Theory and methodology of general, additional and vocational education of students;
  • Theoretical and practical foundations of professional self-determination of students in the context of general and vocational education reforms;
  • Civic education of youth and others.