State and Municipal Administration

State and Municipal Administration

System of State and Municipal Administration

Form of study
intramural / intra-extramural / extramural
Program duration:
2 years; 2 years 6 months
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We prepare high-class professionals that analyze the socio-economic situation and design programs for the development of the constituent entities and municipalities.

Our graduates meet the new requirements for state and municipal employees in the context of modernization of the economy and society: they are ready to act in the interests of civil society and the state, increase the efficiency of state and municipal administration, and improve the quality of state and municipal services.

    Careers and opportunities:
  • civil servants in federal-state bodies and authorities of the constituent entities;
  • municipal employees in local self-government bodies;
  • heads and employees of state and municipal institutions, business enterprises, budgetary organizations, community institutions, public organizations, non-profit organizations, international organizations, international governing bodies, research and education, etc.