Iinstitute social studies and psychology

Social Work

Economics, law, organization and management in social work

Form of study
Program duration:
2 years

Two years of in-depth theory and practice allow Master's degree students to develop skills of social analysis and research. The curriculum includes the following disciplines: modern skills of social work, economics of social work and problems of its resource allocation, regulatory and legal support of social protection of the population, theory and skills of management in social work, social management, social projects and programs technology development, marketing research in social work, corporate social responsibility and corporate social programs, social risk management, social innovations in social work, etc.

Areas of professional activity: social organizations and institutions; state employment service authorities; institutions of public service of medical and social expertise; Federal Migration Agency; prison system institutions; Federal Rescue Service; enterprises, institutions and organizations (state, private, municipal, public, as well as industrial and agricultural); healthcare institutions; cultural and artistic institutions; Pension Foundation; research institutions, etc.