Psychological and pedagogical education

Institute of Education

44.04.02 Psychological and pedagogical education
Psychological and pedagogical support of personality development

Form of study:
full-time, part-time
2 years, 2.5 years
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The aim of the program is to provide fundamental training of highly qualified specialists of mental development support. The result is deep knowledge in modern psychological and pedagogical education, the ability for research, scientific and pedagogical, teaching and practical activities.

    Graduates are ready to carry out the following activities:
  • psychological and pedagogical support of preschool, general, additional and vocational education;
  • psychological and pedagogical support of children with disabilities in special and inclusive education;
  • education;
  • organization and management;
  • research;
  • methodology.

The graduates can work in educational institutions, research centers, in culture, social protection, and health care institutions. The program provides skills for planning and organizing psychological and pedagogical work in various educational institutions. The graduates can create and organize a psychologically friendly and safe environment for the development in various types of student activities. They can develop projects that ensure effective interaction of the participants of teaching/learning process, and organize interpersonal contacts and communication in a multicultural environment.

Research is done within "Psychological factors and mechanisms of a personality self-realization in various fields of activity" scientific school: personality psychology; psychology of activity and behavior; personal development; psychological health; child-parents and marriage-family relations in cooperation with leading research and educational centers in Russia.

The academic staff regularly participate in international conferences and seminars conducted by colleagues from different regions of Russia. Many professors undertook internships in the UK, Germany, France, Czech Republic, and Sweden.