Institute of Fundamental Sciences


Form of study
Program duration:
2 years
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Our graduates can do research in the field of mathematics, teach mathematics and computer science in secondary, professional, additional, and higher education.

    Our students analyze research results and new publications in mathematics and computer science:
  • implement research projects in the field of mathematics and computer science;
  • design software and provide methodological support for curriculums and disciplines of basic, secondary, vocational, additional, and higher education;
  • teach mathematics and computer science in educational institutions of higher education and vocational organizations;
  • apply mathematical knowledge, information systems, and scientific achievements in mathematics and computer science;
  • prepare scientific reviews, abstracts, and bibliographies;
  • participate in scientific seminars, conferences, symposiums, etc.;
  • prepare scientific and technical publications.


basic disciplines, variable disciplines, training practice.

Careers and opportunities:

  • teachers of higher educational institutions;
  • specialists in mathematics and computer science in research and education;
  • teachers of basic, secondary, vocational, and additional education.