Historical and Cultural Heritage of Eurasia

Form of study
Program duration:
2 years

This Master's program is one of its kind in Siberia. It offers an in-depth study of the historical and cultural heritage of Eurasia, Eurasian archaeology, macro- and micro-history of Eurasian indigenous peoples, and a comprehensive analysis of historical and archaeological written sources. The curriculum includes disciplines absent from universities of European Russia, e.g. the history and culture of Siberia, Kuzbass studies, steppes of Eurasia and Central Asia, etc.

    Areas of research:
  • ancient civilizations of Europe and Asia;
  • archaeology of Eurasian steppes;
  • integrated methods of archaeological data and written sources;
  • development of modern European and Russian civilization;
  • interdisciplinary studies of Europe, Russia, and Eurasia;
  • history of Siberia and Kuzbass;
  • development of research projects;
  • technology of pedagogical design.

Our students are involved in research activities from the very first year: they participate in conferences at various levels, publish articles in domestic and foreign WoS and Scopus journals, etc.

They have practice in the museums and archives of Kuzbass, Siberia, Moscow, and St. Petersburg.

Careers and opportunities: research centers, domestic and foreign archaeological expeditions, museums, cultural heritage protection, popular media, humanitarian foundations, etc.