Economic and financial strategy

Master's program "Economic and financial strategy"

Mode of study:

Duration of the program:
2.5 years

Scientific supervisor

Vladimir L. Kvint

Foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Full Professor, Head of the Department of Economic and Financial Strategy at Lomonosov Moscow State University. Professor Kvint is the author of the Theory of Strategy and Methodology of Strategizing. His textbooks are used for training students at universities in the USA, the UK, China, and other countries.

How to become a student:

  • present your diploma: Bachelor’s Degree or Specialist’s Diploma;
  • pass the entrance examinations;
  • prepay the tuition fee (90 000 rubles per year).

We're waiting for:

both the current year’s Bachelor’s program graduates and experienced professionals seeking to update their qualification.

The benefits of the program:

  • lectures delivered by prominent Russian scientists and practitioners;
  • access to parallel study at the MBA program at the Center for Strategic Studies of Moscow State University;
  • growing demand for strategists and their acute deficit in the labor market.

The graduates will be skilled at:

  • using the methodology of strategy development and implementation;
  • developing international, national, regional, sectoral and corporate strategies;
  • applying the tools of strategic management, monitoring and control of economic and financial strategies implementation.

Graduates can develop their career as:

strategists, strategic managers, financiers and economists at any business company, organization or university in Russia and across the world.

Graduates can continue their education in the following programs:

  • postgraduate study programs (Ph.D.);
  • MBA program at Moscow State University and foreign universities;
  • CFA, CIIA, CFM preparatory courses,
  • short-term professional development programs in the field of strategy at Moscow State University.