Teacher education (Russian language and Literature)

Institute of Education

44.03.05 Teacher education
Russian language and Literature

Form of education
5 years
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The program involves a deep study of the Russian language and literature. Literacy, respect for the Russian language, and reader’s interest among students are one of the most important challenges of modern education. Russian language and literature teachers are in-demand specialists. A teacher raises kids through the culture and literature of the Russian people. It is them who convince schoolchildren of the importance of being literate and mastering their native language. Students study pedagogy, IT in teaching, inclusive education and other modern trends in education. The knowledge of pedagogy and psychology makes it simple to adapt to the challenges of the labor market. Our graduates can develop syllabuses and conduct classes employing advanced methods and technologies. Much attention is paid to extracurricular activities.


Teacher of Russian language and literature, tutor, teacher of additional education. A high level of education also makes it possible to get a job in the media, to be a PR specialist, an archivist or a librarian.


Institutions of general, secondary, professional, additional education