Teacher education (History and Social Studies)

Institute of Education

44.03.05 Teacher education
History and Social Studies

Form of education
5 years
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The program suggests a deep study of historical disciplines and social studies. History and social studies teachers are in-demand in educational institutions. A history and social science teacher tells students about significant historical events that have occurred in the country and the world. He explains the influence of various historical events on the current situation in the world and helps to learn Russian and foreign cultures.

A teacher can organize students' research, helps to systematize knowledge about the world around, and instills a system of legal values, civic and national identity. Students study the problems of pedagogy, IT in teaching, inclusion and other modern trends of education. The knowledge of pedagogy and psychology makes it simple to adapt to the challenges of the labor market. Our graduates can develop syllabuses and conduct classes employing advanced methods and technologies. Much attention is paid to extracurricular activities.


Teacher of history and social studies, tutor, teacher of additional education


Institutions of general, secondary, professional, additional education