Teacher education (English and German)

Institute of Education

44.03.05 Teacher education
English and German

Form of education
5 years
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The program allows getting the profession of a teacher of two foreign languages.

Currently, two foreign languages are widely taught at schools. Staring from the second grade, children can opt for one foreign language. This is usually English or German. In middle school students start learning a second foreign language. The trend lies behind the special demand for teachers who speak two foreign languages. Besides, today learning a foreign language is popular in all age groups: an English and German language teacher can find a job in informal and non-formal education, and can conduct individual lessons as well. Students receive fundamental knowledge in pedagogy, psychology and language teaching methods. Our graduates can develop syllabuses and conduct classes employing advanced methods and technologies. Much attention is paid to the development of extracurricular activities, cultural and educational programs.


Teacher of English and German, tutor, teacher in additional education, private tutor


Secondary schools, vocational education, additional education, centers of foreign languages, private tutoring