Special (speech pathology) education

Institute of Education

44.03.03 Special (speech pathology) education
Speech therapy: early diagnostics and correction

Form of study:
4 years
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The program aims at training of qualified specialists proficient in social technologies, who can carry out correction and pedagogic, diagnostic and advisory activities employing methods of early detection of abnormalities in children. A graduate can correct speech defects in children and adults and carry out rehabilitation in case of speech disorders after strokes and shocks in specialized and general educational institutions. A graduate can study children’s developmental and behavioral difficulties, and bring up and socialize disabled children. Speech pathology specialists are in demand and highly paid, which is due to the fact that today there are many children who have problems with adaptation and socialization: they cannot communicate with peers effectively, have speech problems. They have difficulties in taking in new material. A specialist can diagnose a child's abilities and developmental level. The work of a special education teacher is the socialization and introduction of children with developmental disabilities to the world around them. Besides, a graduate can interview parents, helping them in the upbringing and understanding their own child.


Teacher-speech therapist, speech therapist of the healthcare system, teacher-defectologist. defectologist (speech pathology specialist), aphasiologist (additional qualifications).


Graduates are ready to solve professional problems in general education and special educational school, preschool and medical institutions, rehabilitation centers, social sphere institutions.