Russian Philology

Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages, and Media Communications


Russian Philology

Form of study
Program duration:
4 years
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    Bachelors of Russian Philology
  • are able to work with any type of written, oral, and electronic text, including hypertexts and text elements of multimedia objects;
  • know Russian and foreign (European and Slavic) languages and literature;
  • carry out various types of oral and written communication.

Our graduates are ready to solve a wide range of pedagogical, research, and practical professional tasks.

The curriculum includes humanities, psychological and pedagogical subjects, linguistic and literary disciplines, etc. Our students also learn such practical disciplines as organization of press service work; literary editing and proofreading; business etiquette; documentary linguistics: genres of business documents; document communication and linguistic expertise of document texts; basic information search and copywriting; philological support of advertising, etc.

Our students stage at publishing houses, press services, and documentation departments; they also have a teaching practice, a research project, and a graduation thesis.

What kind of work do philologists do? They can be teachers or academicians, document control specialist, PR-managers, press secretaries, editors, copywriters, speechwriters, journalists, expert in linguistics, librarians, etc.

    Academic staff:
  1. Professors of Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages and Media Communications and KemSU include 15 Doctors Habilitatus, 30 Philosophy Doctors, members of the International Higher Education Academy of Sciences and Siberian Higher Education Academy of Sciences.
  2. Visiting practitioners (heads of press services, editors, experts in linguistics, teachers).
  3. Visiting scientists and professors from Russia and abroad. Thanks to the "Professor's Visit" program, students are lectured by scientists from Russian State University for the Humanities and Pushkin State Institute of the Russian Language (Moscow), Ural Federal University, Saratov State University, University of Zagreb (Croatia), and University of Nis, Serbia.Nis (Serbia).