Product Technology and Catering Management

Bachelor’s Degree program "Product Technology and Catering Management"

Specialization of the program:
"Product and service technologies in the food industry"

Mode of training:
Duration of the program:
4 years

Specializations of training:"Technology and organization of public catering production"

    Graduates will skilled at:
  • developing new types of products, beverages and dishes and providing for the technological processes and their production;
  • developing and implementing the methods of technical control and testing of products;
  • participating in research and development of food organization projects and programs.

Specializations of training: "Technology and organisation of restaurant service"

Graduates will be qualified to work in the catering, hospitality and tourism industries. They will be able to work as a restaurateurs, economists-managers, administrators, ergonomics specialists, conceptualists, designers, advertisers, and marketers. The top world technologies for personnel training and development used in training experts in service will help to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage and ensure a leading position in the market.

    Research and development is focused on the following areas:
  • Analysis and modernisation of school, dietary and therapeutic and preventive nutrition.
  • Development and improvement of food quality control and management systems.
  • Development of methods and technological tools to ensure the quality of public catering products.
  • Development of methodology for design and implementation of functional food and culinary products taking into account individual characteristics and consumer preferences of certain groups of population.
  • Information development of the food industry.

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