Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages, and Media Communications


Form of study
Program duration:
4 years
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    What do linguists do?
  • They teach Chinese and English;
  • perform consecutive interpreting, as well as business and technical translation from Chinese and English;
  • consult in the field of interlanguage and intercultural communication, e.g. events or excursions for native speakers of Chinese and English;
  • do research in the field of interlanguage and intercultural communication.
    The curriculum includes:
  • Chinese;
  • English;
  • linguistic theory;
  • history and culture of China and Russia;
  • translation from Chinese and English;
  • methods of teaching Chinese and Russian as a foreign language;
  • communication disciplines, e.g. rhetoric, business communication in the economic sphere, business communication in the pedagogical sphere, organization and public relations, fundamentals of office management and documentation, etc.
    Our graduates will be able to work in:
  • educational institutions of primary, basic, and secondary general education;
  • for translation agencies or organizations that cooperate with English-speaking countries and the People's Republic of China.