Institute of Engineering Technologies


Form of study
full-time education/ mixed attendance mode
Program duration:
4 years / 4 years
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Training in the profile "Industrial design and CGI graphics" will allow the graduate to successfully work in the field of activities related to the development of industrial products, creating their design and ensuring their ergonomics, creating media content, video effects in movies and games and have universal and professional competencies in these areas.

    A design specialist solves the following tasks:
  • creating industrial design and ensuring product ergonomics,
  • choosing materials and engineering calculations for manufacturing products,
  • creation of images created on a computer, and their implementation in design projects of varying complexity and focus.

The training program of bachelors in the field of training "Industrial design and CGI graphics" provides the main specialized blocks of disciplines in design and computer graphics, as well as humanitarian and general scientific disciplines. Specialized subjects include design basics, the basics of creating special effects and info graphics, video filming, video editing, art, drawing and perspective, composition, history of fine art, technical drawing, computer design, packaging design, printing basics, the basics of manufacturing industrial products, animations fundamentals, basics of working with sound, 3-d modeling, ergonomics.