Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Operations Research and Systems Analysis

Form of study:
Program duration:
4 years
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Bachelors of applied mathematics and computer science possess fundamental knowledge in the field of mathematical and natural sciences, including computer technology.

    Our graduates are able to:
  • develop effective methods and mathematical models of environmental, medical, technological, and socio-economic processes;
  • design artificial intelligence systems;
  • provide software and information support for scientific, research, operational, and management activities;
  • teach various mathematical disciplines, including computer science.

Curriculum: web-design, robotics, industrial engineering, automation of production and economic processes; smart systems, etc.

Our students learn to perform big data mining, develop new algorithms for machine learning and artificial intelligence, and implement modern software business solutions.

Careers and opportunities:
systems analyst, programmer, and IT-specialist in the field of business environment, production, finance, insurance, etc.