II Summer School for foreign students will be held online

18.08.2020 | 12:04

Because of the pandemic and closed borders, in 2020 the Summer School for foreign students will be held online (using ZOOM service and VKontakte social network). The Summer School is aimed for foreign school graduates who have passed the entrance exams at KemSU and are waiting for the enrollment orders. The program of the Summer School includes classes in the Russian language and speech culture, as well as Russian history, culture and state structure.

According to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the educational process for foreign students, who will not be able arrive in Russia before the beginning of the academic year, will be organized using distance learning technologies. The online Summer School will also help KemSU’s international first-year students to prepare technically and psychologically for the beginning of the academic year.

As part of the Summer School, foreign students are also expected to take an online tour of the University, get acquainted with Kuzbass and Russia. Future first-year students will be advised how to adapt to studying in Russia.

The participants of the Summer School, who are now in Kemerovo, will attend some classes and excursions offline in small groups and in compliance with all sanitary and epidemiological requirements.


II Summer School for foreign students will be held at Kemerovo State University on 18–28 August 2020. The project is implemented at KemSU in accordance with the roadmap of the federal project "Export of Education".