Students from nine countries graduated from the Preparatory Department of KemSU

25.06.2019 | 17:48

The graduates of KemSU’s Preparatory Department received their Certificates of completion. In the current academic year, citizens of Guinea, India, the Republic of Sudan, Côte d’Ivoire, Laos, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Vietnam and China studied at the Preparatory Department of KemSU. Most of them received the educational grant (quota) from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, and two students paid for their studies themselves. The Russian language was the core of their curriculum at the Preparatory Department.

The graduates were greeted by Prof. Lidiya Kim, Director of the Institute for Phiilology, Foreign Languages and Media Communications, and Dr. Nataliya Yakimova, Head of International Office. They exchanges warm parting words with their teachers – Associate Professors of the Department of Russian Language: Dr. Marina Chabanenko, Dr. Elena Kishina and Dr. Yana Dudareva.

I would like to thank our teachers who taught us! When we arrived in Kemerovo, we knew nothing about Russia, Siberia and the Russian language – but now we speak Russian, we know a lot of words, and the difficult Russian grammar. During the celebration of Alexander Pushkin’s birthday, we recited his poems in Kemerovo City’s Pushkin square!
Kouadio Adjoumani Josué Dioba (Côte d’Ivoire)

Kemerovo State University and our teachers will always remain in our hearts. I started learning Russian in India because I really like it, especially its difficult grammar. But in Kemerovo I learned much more. We learned Russian songs, poems, and phraseological units. I began to understand the culture of Russian people better.
Jayanti Garg (India)

We did not just study the Russian language, we also got acquainted with Russian traditions: we visited the stadium, a theater, the library, a secondary school, and walked around the city. It was a wonderful time!
Merri Yovita Tarigan (Indonesia)

We saw how much Russian people love their language, and we joined the Total dictation all together. I decided that in Afghanistan it is necessary to carry out the same dictation that takes place in different countries of the world.
Mearajuddin Nikzad (Afghanistan)

Thanks to the teachers and students, we learned that there are a lot of holidays in Russia. We participated in the celebration of the New Year, the day of Slavic writing, Maslenitsa, the birthday of Alexander Pushkin, and amicably celebrated the birthdays of friends. The Russian language and the traditions of the Russian people were introduced during our studies.
Lancei Bayo (Guinea)

Kemerovo State University started teaching foreign students in 1991. They were citizens of Belgium, China, the United States, Germany, Mongolia, and Turkey. This year's graduates are special. For the first time students from nine countries of the world were brought together in one group. They will be remembered not only for their diligent study, but also for the great respect they paid the traditions of the Russian people, and for their active participation in the activities of the University.
Marina Chabanenko, Associate Professor at the Department of the Russian language