KemSU scientists have identified the features of somatic and cognitive impairment in COVID-19 survivors

09.11.2022 | 11:13

Psychologists and psychophysiologists from Kemerovo State University are working on a prevention and rehabilitation programme for survivors of coronavirus infection (COVID-19). According to the research findings, the pattern of cognitive impairment in COVID-19 survivors can manifest itself at all levels of mental functioning, including reduced memory and attention, intelligence, speed of thought, time and space perception. KemSU scientists suggest psychological diagnosis of cognitive functions, inappropriate attitudes, behavioural disorders and daily activities before prescribing psycho-corrective and rehabilitative measures. According to the results of the study organized at Kemerovo State University, methods aimed at correcting cognitive distortions, relaxation and self-regulation techniques, training in problem-solving skills, cognitive training to restore attention and short-term memory were the most effective for cognitive recovery.