The Institute of Digitalization: Why do people from different regions and countries come to Kuzbass to study and work?

29.07.2022 | 12:06

The Institute of Digitalization is a unique platform not only in Kuzbass, but also in Russia. People come from Tomsk, as well as from the Republic of Belarus to work at Kemerovo State University.

The Institute was opened at Kemerovo State University in September 2020. Originally this structural unit was engaged in applied research in the field of remote sensing of the earth. KemSU specialists have developed a geographic information system "Kuzbass", which allows to monitor the capital construction projects, land plots and engineering infrastructure. They also create digital doubles of cities in Kemerovo region.

Today many people from different regions and neighboring countries work in the IT-sphere of Kuzbass. Dmitry Zhibrik is a computer programmer at the KemSU Institute of Digitalization. He came to Kuzbass from the Republic of Belarus. According to Dmitry, the IT-industry is perfect for people who like variety in life and work.