6 projects of scientists from Kemerovo State University are among the winners of grant competitions of the Russian Science Foundation

KemSU scientists will receive 11.7 million rubles for the implementation of winning projects. More than 2 thousand applications were submitted for participation. Grant support was given to 550 projects from 42 regions of Russia, including six projects from KemSU. Local authorities can solve the problems of socio-economic development through such grant competitions.

    Winners of grant competitions of the Russian Science Foundation:
  1. 1. "Development of scientific approaches to carbon dioxide deposition by restoring phytocenoses in technogenic disturbed landscapes of Kuzbass".
  2. 2. "Dynamics of restorative succession in technogenically disturbed territories of Kuzbass on the example of arthropod herpetobiont mesofauna".
  3. 3. "Psychophysiological predictors of cognitive impairment of people suffering from coronavirus infection (COVID-19): System of prevention and correction".
  4. 4. "Research of new materials with low or negative linear compressibility for the needs of the Kemerovo region - Kuzbass".
  5. 5. "Development of hardware design and technology for the production of hypoallergenic therapeutic and prophylactic products based on honey and bee products".
  6. 6. "Development of technology for control of physiological and biochemical properties of yeast cultures with the use of biostimulants in order to obtain food functional ingredients".